Skin Care Face. Skin Care after 30 years.

Skin Care after 30 years
Today we’ll show you how to preserve the beauty and youthfulness of your skin after 30 years.

30 years old – the same age, when youth passes, but the woman still feels young, energetic, cheerful. And we want to ensure that our external image reflects our inner state, so the approach to the mirror and look at him with a question – Mila I, whether beautiful, whether I look young and attractive. Unfortunately, not always seen us satisfy, so today we’ll show you what to change in skin care to preserve the beauty and youthfulness of your skin after 30 years.


Add phytohormones.

The first thing worth mentioning – it’s about hormones in a woman’s life and their importance for the skin. Women’s leather is designed so that throughout living in it are hormonal processes, through which we can look better than men the same age. However, the metabolism of hormones associated with general state of women – her health, nutrition, arranged in life, and if there are any problems, by the age of thirty Activity metabolism decreases, and the skin condition worsens. Conclusion – hormones need to add.

And how to add? In our society mistrust hormonal creams because you start to use them – all go to lighter options nourish the skin is unlikely to immediately jump out wrinkles. There is a way, if we use phytoestrogens, ie hormones of vegetable origin. A lot of them in soy, grapes, pomegranates, actively include these utility and goodies in your diet and get excellent phytohormones. Many of phytohormones in the cones of hop – buy them at the pharmacy, brewed as a tea, or fine-fine grind in a coffee grinder and half a teaspoon of powder add to their face masks. Another good option – make face masks from oils, phytoestrogens a lot of olive oil, soybean oil, corn oil, pharmacies can buy excellent wheat germ oil.


Apply anti-oxidants.
The second point of preservation of beauty – antioxidants. With age, the body becomes more free radicals, which negatively affect the skin condition. They must be fought, and the easiest way that the skin that general health and shape – to drink healthy green tea, which displays these radicals. Furthermore, there are many extracts of Ginkgo biloba extract for example, the same soybean and green tea, green grape, rosemary essential oil – find them easy to use even simpler, and the effect is enormous.

Moisturize the skin.

Moisturize the skin.
By age 30 the protective lipid barrier of the skin becomes thinner, and moisture from the skin evaporates much faster, and you need to moisturize the skin. Pay attention to the advice of famous centerfold who drink at least two liters of clean water per day. It helps the skin to get the necessary moisture. Pay particular attention to moisturizing the delicate skin around the eyes. Daily use moisturizer for age and 1 times a week the home treatments for the skin around the eyes to moisturize and prevent aging of the skin at the site.

Raise the level of skin protection

Raise the level of skin protection.
As a result of age-related changes, the skin gradually loses its ability to defend itself against the negative influence of the environment. Without additional protection skin begins to age rapidly, there are deeper wrinkles. Your task – to help the skin, it is sewn. Therefore, especially in spring and summer, be sure to cover your face hats, baseball caps and actively use creams and cosmetics with UF – filters, winter put on your skin greasy nourishing cream. You can do it at night as well as use in an hour and a half before going outside.

skin nutrition.

Enhances skin nutrition.
After 30 skin gradually begins to lose the ability to self-feed. If at the age of 30-35 years, this process is weakly expressed and light enough skin nourishing cream, the later (or bad condition of the skin) hydrating mask need to be done two times a week. So you can help the skin after 30 look young, fresh and revitalized.

facial massage.

Intensify facial massage.
Facial massage can provide you with an invaluable service in preserving youthful skin after 30. Facial massage trains muscles of the face, not allowing them to spread out and prevents the appearance of deep facial wrinkles. Enough to make a daily 10-minute massage to permanently save a beautiful oval face, and get a person without the express wrinkles. This massage can be done at home, we have a special material on the topic, where you can not only learn more about massage at home, but also to see the video, how to do a facial massage at home.


Engaged immunostimulation.
Our body is designed so that all the forces he primarily pays for upkeep of our internal organs, and if health is something wrong, the immune system is weak, it is unlikely you will look young and beautiful. Improve their tone, help to lift immunity: pouring cool water or douches – just do not forget about the important rules for the female body douche, physical activity classes, receiving tinctures of echinacea, eleuterokoka, ginseng root. There are immunostimulatory cosmetics, in which may include Aloe vera, yeast extract, juice of the same Echinacea purpurea.

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