Fitness. What is stretching.


What is stretching.
What is stretching – this issue are increasingly found on the Internet. Why such popularity with stretching? There is much talk about the fact that a sedentary lifestyle is increasingly becoming a cause of the emergence and development of various diseases, as well as poor health. The list of these “problems” of the body obesity, diseases of the joints and musculoskeletal system, headaches, etc.Get rid of the above health problems can be using different types of treatment, but can be used and the possibility of a form of fitness – stretching.What is stretching, what are its positive qualities, basic exercises stretching – in our material.
What is stretching.Sreyching is nothing else than the stretching of muscles. A set of exercises used in the framework of stretching, helps to strengthen muscles, improve coordination, stimulate blood circulation, support the work of the joints, relieve stress and fatigue, reduce injuries. If you’ve tried to lose weight with the help of fitness, but had to abandon it because of injury, the stretching – it is just what you need to get in shape without the “side effects”.

However, in the stretching has its own rules that require the body to prepare for classes, in order to avoid injury. Painlessly and safely stretch just right “heated” muscles, so never start to exercise without prior training.

Also, do not too eager to pitch in, believing that the more vigorously you do the exercises, the best results reach. In fact, stretching exercises designed just for slow rhythm and the gradual achievement of results. As soon as you feel the first signs of discomfort during exercise, stop immediately and do not force your own body.

Performing exercises, try to control your breathing: breathe evenly, deeply and calmly while breathing through the nose.
Stretching exercises

Directly training can begin with a total stretch, which recommended, lying on the floor. Lie on your back and pull your hands up and your feet – down as if you pull-up on the bar. Then make a banner in hand: right hand pull to one side, and the left leg – the other, and then – on the contrary.

Following the general stretching can begin to stretch the spine. Roll over on your stomach, place your hands on the floor and lift them to the upper body, trying to bend back as far as possible without lifting your pelvis off the floor. Then, continuing to rely on hand straight, lower your head down and pull up the pelvis, rounding the back.

For stretching the leg muscles following exercise fit. Sit on the floor in the “straddle” (feet should be separated as much as possible) and tilt the torso forward, trying to get to the floor. Then change the position of the feet: bend one leg at the knee and lean her foot on the other foot, and then again torso forward.

Stretching exercises can be done standing up. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and stretch first to one and then to the other foot. Then straighten your arms above your head and stretch well forward, repeating this exercise several times.

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