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What is bare (bosu), fitness bosuBosu (bare) – a new system of fitness, which is becoming more popular. Today we’ll show you what a bosu fitness and what to look for, how to deal with bare simulator.

Benefits Bosu

So, Bosu balance trainer – it is so completely is called a shell – is something like a half feetball: plastic platform a little more than 60 cm in diameter with a rubber dome height of about 30 cm. Regulation through descent or pumped through the hole allows you to change the elasticity of the air used hemisphere. At the bottom of this simulator are two handles that are comfortable during transportation and are utilized in a number of exercises. Applies an original invention in two positions: the dome down and dome up, the English expression “the use of the two sides” sounds like Both Side Use – abbreviated Bosu.
Benefits Bosu (Bos)

Unusual simulator brings a smile, and the first class on it in a group – explosions laughter. However, the main problem Bosu not lift the mood. Bosu has many advantages and positive properties – quickly mastered with the simulator, you will realize that it embodies all the fine qualities of exercise on fitball (correction and improved posture, figure correction, increase the flexibility of the body), and is also suitable for full pilates and other species fitness. In many ways resemble the exercise step aerobics. This simulator facilitates the training of the vestibular apparatus and allows you to use a variety of muscle groups, developing agility and strength.

Bosu training program tailored to the degree of training, physical fitness and health of the group members. As such restrictions do not exist, there is only an adjustment and modification of exercise. For people with diseases of the joints exercises on the simulator simplified excluded sudden movements and springy hemisphere in the classroom acts as a kind of shock absorber, reducing the impact load.


How to deal with Bosu.

For high performance training on bosu, in the fitness center or at home, you must take into account a number of features bosu trainer and try to perform all strictly in accordance with the recommendations and will then effect and protect yourself from potential problems.

– Pick the right shoes that are suitable for fitness: rather high with non-slip soles and fixed heel. Other shoes or even its absence, as practiced by some women in the home occupations are not allowed.

– Start with a bosu workout. Suit rises on the simulator in different ways. Wait for it: on two legs and on one. Get used to the trainer, learn to balance, without a good balance on the bosu engage not only ineffective, but also dangerous. Need to ensure that you can stand on the bosu with your eyes closed. If you feel that you find it difficult to keep the balance, the degree of bare pump can be reduced to bleed the air.

– A set of selected exercise is determined by the goals you have set. Start with aerobic exercise, bosu using just a step. Later, you will be able to realize the following classes: stretching (stretching), cardio, strength training.

– Step up the pace gradually bosu exercises, take the place of the foot is strictly parallel to each other as close as possible to the center of the dome, half-bent knees should be.

– In a set of exercises Bosu, close to the step aerobics, you need to pay special attention to ankle, which accounts for the bulk of the load (one of the reasons why such studies are recommended enthusiastic snowboarding, skiing and skating). The first classes should not take more than 2 times a week.

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