Rejuvenate with Sensua !

Sensua Kiss

Reveal the woman in you…… Create intimacy… …Overcome communication problems… …and improve your loving relationships… Sensua! is the first product specifically designed to enhance a woman’s intimacy.
Sensua! is a patented formulation developed by Gynecologist Ronald J. Thompson, MD, FACOG and a team of leading Women’s HealthCare Professionals.
The US patent (#6,322,493) was granted in 2001. Regulatory approvals include:

* US FDA “Safe and Effective” clearance
* ANVISA—The National Health Surveillance Agency of Brazil
* Additional US and international patents

Intrigue Laboratories
2020 Howell Mill Rd.
Suite C270
Atlanta, GA 30318

Sensua! Sensua Sensua!
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Sensua! Sensua!
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