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Liquid Peptides

Complex from liquid peptides hes a major effect on the human body.

Complex from liquid peptides has a major effect on the human body.
Peptides protect human cells from toxins, speed up the metabolism inside the cells and as a whole they stabilize the work of all the organs.
They also help humans to increase resistance to illnesses.
Nowadays, complex from liquid peptides is a very popular solution to stay young and be healthy!

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Series of products for teeth and gums


New Products: Series of products for teeth and gums


– Toothpaste for caries prevention with mumijo

– Toothpaste for prevention and maintenance of parodontosis with Neovitin

– Balm for gums with peptides and Neovitin

Not so many people know that a healthy and beautiful smile depends on the condition of the human organism. Respiratory system, immune system, heart and vascular system are all responsible for the teeth and gums conditions and of course fresh breath. In REVIDONT PROFESSIONAL you can find all the necessary and effective ways for a better smile. REVIDONT PROFESSIONAL consists of non-abrasive, polishing ingredients, which gently care for the tooth enamel. One of the main ingredients is bioactive complexes, created by our partner «Vita», and natural peptides which work on different cells on DNA level.

REVIDONT PROFESSIONAL – healthy teeth, fresh breath and a beautiful smile!

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Peptides in our Lives

Peptides in our lives

Not so long ago, youth- seemed to be irreplaceable and temporary; however, today everything has changed-with the help of scientists with more than 30 years of experiments and studies about the human ageing process, truly amazing products have been discovered, based on the natural peptides. Peptides are very short proteins, which are made from amino acids. Peptides are the major components for human kind.

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