Liquid Peptides

Complex from liquid peptides hes a major effect on the human body.

Complex from liquid peptides has a major effect on the human body.
Peptides protect human cells from toxins, speed up the metabolism inside the cells and as a whole they stabilize the work of all the organs.
They also help humans to increase resistance to illnesses.
Nowadays, complex from liquid peptides is a very popular solution to stay young and be healthy!
Peptides work in the following way: In case of a failure in any organ in a human body, natural peptides are directed to that specific organ.
With the help of peptides new cells are born, which provide protein, eventually they die and the whole cycle starts all over again. If the body reduces the speed of making new cells; therefore with the help of natural liquid peptides that process begins to workPurpose:


* Improvement of the nervous system
* Improvement of the immune system
* Powerful antioxidant
* Increases life expectancy
* Eliminates hair loss
* Eliminates skin diseases
* Eliminates various skin rashes
* Reduces the appearance of wrinkles

Peptides in Capsules

Peptides in capsules are made from natural peptides, amino acids, vitamins and microelements. Such peptides were created from short peptide fractions with the help of completely new technology or nanotechnology. Short and active peptides are widely used in maintaining normal levels of metabolic processes in human organisms, treatments for various diseases, post surgeries, as an after care severe diseases and regulates ageing processes in humans.

External Mesotel

External Mesotel complexes are based on the revolutionary complex НРЕ-4 + Neovitin.

НРЕ-4 is a new generation made from acetylcholine, which is widely used in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. Anti-age effects of НРЕ-4 + Neovitin complexes are based on the reduction of the skin surface area, its hydration stimulation of fibroblasts of the collagen and elastin.

External Mesotel is a new way to bring youth back to your skin!

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