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Skin Care Face.Problem facial skin.

Problem skin.
Problem facial skin.

Problem skin does not add beauty – face can not hide in the clothes, so all of our redness, peeling, pimples and other byaki always in sight. However, problematic skin with an incurable disease can not be called, the question in the proper care, masks and addressing the causes of problem skin.

Let’s learn the basic rules of care for problem skin, see a mistake, select the most effective mask for oily skin and beauty subtlety in dealing with problem skin.
Especially problematic skin.

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The ideal shape of the eyebrows.

broviThe ideal shape of the eyebrows.
How should look beautiful, well-groomed eyebrows? They are long enough graceful, slightly elevated, have a neat shape. The correct form of the eyebrows is this: the widest part of the eyebrows is located at the inner corner of the eye; starting from the top of the bend, the eyebrows are becoming narrower, but narrowing does not occur abruptly, but gradually. As a guide to give brows a perfect shape can serve as an outline of brow ridges, which is located directly above the eye sockets, just below the eyebrows.

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