The ideal shape of the eyebrows.

broviThe ideal shape of the eyebrows.
How should look beautiful, well-groomed eyebrows? They are long enough graceful, slightly elevated, have a neat shape. The correct form of the eyebrows is this: the widest part of the eyebrows is located at the inner corner of the eye; starting from the top of the bend, the eyebrows are becoming narrower, but narrowing does not occur abruptly, but gradually. As a guide to give brows a perfect shape can serve as an outline of brow ridges, which is located directly above the eye sockets, just below the eyebrows.

Shape eyebrows and face.
However, trying to pick up a beautiful shape eyebrows should focus not only on the eyebrows, and face shape. Some makeup artists believe that a person just has a determining value on the shape of the eyebrows.

For round faces the most suitable form of eyebrows – broken, high-rise and a short tip. But you should not do break eyebrows too sharp – it will only emphasize the roundness of your face. Do not round in shape eyebrows, follow the contours of the face.

If you have an oblong / oval shape of the face, then the most suitable brows – is straight and horizontal, can be slightly rounded, distant from nose eyebrows. Forms eyebrows with a high arch you better not do it.

Among the forms of the eyebrows for the triangular faces stylists recommend slightly elevated uniformly curved eyebrows shaped, of medium length. Direct eyebrows are not recommended.

Square face – better than any other form for a square face long highly upwards curved arched raised eyebrows. Contraindicated thin eyebrows.

Very important information for those who want to adjust the shape of their eyebrows. Beauticians are advised to adjust the shape of eyebrows in accordance with the shape of the face, akkurtano plucking hairs attention! – On the bottom line of the eyebrows. Touch the top line professionals do not recommend: hair follicles of the upper larger and more active, they have a lot of color, so when you remove hair, they become quite noticeable that does not look very aesthetically pleasing.

How to choose the shape of eyebrows?

How to calculate the ideal form brovi.Prodelaem some manipulations to pick the perfect eyebrow shape. Pick up a pencil and connect them to a point at the wing of the nose and point at the inner corner of the eye (line A). The point of intersection with the eyebrow pencil – is a mark, ideal for beginning of the eyebrow. All the hairs that are beyond this point is closer to the nose, should be removed.

Now for the highest point of eyebrows: a pencil must determine vertical line passing through the outer boundary of the iris (line B). Where the pencil intersects the eyebrow, mark another point, which will be the high point of the brow line. Up to this point eyebrow raised and its width remains unchanged, and beyond it – gently lowered to the temple and is narrowed. All the hairs that fall in a clearly defined limit to be removed.

Define the end point of the eyebrow. Again puts pencil to the wing nose and send it through the outer corner of the eye to the eyebrow (line C). Eyebrow line should not go beyond this point, so all the hairs that are behind it, closer to the temples, you must also pull out. Adjust the bottom line of the eyebrows so that it smoothly tapers to the temple. If you are over the brow noticed a few single hairs, they should be carefully plucked.

To verify the location of the start and end points eyebrows Put the pencil to the eyebrows in the middle: The beginning and the end of eyebrows should be equidistant from the pencil.

For a perfect regular shape eyebrows also plays the role of the distance between the eyebrows, which should not be already two fingers (a bit less for close-set eyes). If you can not determine the eyebrow line at eyes, use a cosmetic pencil to draw the outline of them.

Giving the desired shape brows, provide them with appropriate care: a timely regrown tweeze hairs, comb brows, use castor oil or special facilities for the care of eyebrows and eyelashes.

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