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A Healthy Person is Nature’s Most Precious Invention.

Antioxidant – Q10
Coenzyme Q-10
Contains 60 capsules, 60 mg

1. Efficient in slowing down the aging process
2. Strengthens the immunization system and preserves the health of coronary blood vessels
3. Essential in preserving body cells and preventing radical damages
4. Improves metabolism and oxygen supply to the heart’s muscle
5. Improves the functioning and transmission of brain cells

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“Cosmetic confiture” series KIWI+ (Fruit peeling mask)

Nutritious cream desirably Kiwi
Care for all skin types should begin with its thorough cleansing.

The cleansing is especially important for oily skin with its large pores, often filled with skin lard and dust. This is a perfect nutritive substance for all kind of bacteria, including some pathogenic and inflammation causing

Bacteria types.

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