The secret of well-groomed hands.


The secret of well-groomed hands.

Hands skin is sensitive, as indeed any other, so you need to follow her and take care of every day.

Your skin contains 5 times less moisture than the facial skin, a small amount of sebaceous glands are deprived of natural protection of the hands and the cold, detergents and mechanical damage quickly worsen their appearance.


Secrets of manicured hands

1. So, the first secret of beautiful and well-groomed handles – cleansing. A day at the hands of a large number of accumulated dust from everything to which we touch, which is not attached to the hands of youth and grooming.
2. At least once a week you need to clean your hands from dead cells using a scrub, so that the hands are starting to look the updated follow-up procedures and actions only intensified.


3. Good effect in the care of hands can achieve the use of trays. To do this is to pour a small container with warm water or herbal decoction and drop to your hands for 15-20 minutes. Baths with sea salt, lemon juice, iodine – one of the most popular

massage hands

Make regular massage hands: stroking, rub the fingers and palm on the outside and the inside.

Paraffin bath with essential oils – an effective tool for skin care hands. It is important to apply the oil, creating a plant-based, which will bring benefits to the skin.

Sesame oil is universal, suitable for daily procedures. Avocado oil is suitable for dry skin, corn oil – for irritated skin, wheat germ oil – for wrinkled skin. Walnut oil give the skin a silky and any type of well-groomed appearance.

Combination of essential oils and plant-based are ideal for massage of hands.

The secret of well-groomed hands.

So you will need: gloves,vegetable oil, olive or baby.

The time of the procedure – all night.

Hands liberally lubricated with oil, stretch the rubber gloves (mittens) or palm wrap cling film. Top c / b or winter gloves or, respectively, “mittens.”

Why does it work better than cream? Because there is no cream, we would not be so “native” and an appropriate composition, as our own fluid in the body. It creates the effect teplichku and from the deep layers of the skin moisture is redistributed in the outer layers of the handle moisturized, oil creates an additional plenochku to conserve moisture and softens the skin.

Beauticians are advised to take care of the sensitive skin of hands constantly, not from case to case, then the effect of the use of wax will be noticeable for several years.

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