Eyes makeup.

eyes  makeup

Eyes makeup.

To give the eyes expressiveness needed eyeshadows that fit the color of your eye pencil or liquid eyeliner eyelids with a brush, mascara and concealer as a base for make-up.

Preparing for makeup.
To make-up went smoothly, evenly and does not dry the skin around the eyes I always nanoshu moisturizer. After 10 minutes, when the cream is absorbed, you can begin applying makeup.

First you need to mask the dark circles under the eyes and other defects. Be sure to apply a little concealer on the eyelid itself – it will give a uniform shade of century and allow shadows to stay longer and do not slip into the folds during the day. As a masking agent, I recommend using a concealer – on effect, it is similar to the foundation, but the texture – much softer and gentler. Ideal for the delicate skin around the eyes.
Concealer is specially designed for the eyelid skin, it not only hides the flaws, but also moisturizes the skin. Choose a concealer should be a tone lighter than your usual foundation. Besides color, the choice of concealer pay attention to his appearance – concealers come in the form of a pencil, and come with a brush on the end.

brown eyes
Brown eyes.
Brown-eyed girl had extraordinary magnetism and appeal, and can be beneficial to stress this, if you know how to paint brown eyes. For daytime makeup are ideal shade sand, bronze, brown, beige and shades. This will help give sight depth and warmth.
In the evening make-up can not be afraid of the brightest colors. Do not forget the eyeliner: it is for dark eyes perfect black pencil Eye. Also, brown-eyed girls should prefer black mascara.

green eyes

Green eyes.
Green eyes are associated with mystery, an enigma. General recommendations on how correctly to paint green eyes, are as follows: for daytime makeup suitable shade of brown tones, as well as gold. They give brightness eyes, but as a base can be used peach color shade.

If you want to properly make up green eyes, avoid the blue shadows. Be careful with pink and shades: very often, these shadows give the eyes tearful appearance. For evening make-up, you can choose the shade of rich purple-violet shades. Eyeliner better to choose a gray or in one scheme with the general tone of makeup. Black eyeliner is not very good looks with green eyes. From black mascara also best avoided by opting for black and brown or dark gray:

blue eyes

Blue eyes.
Blue eyes look gently and sometimes childish. If you know how to paint the blue eyes can make them much brighter and more expressive. Owners of Eye can emphasize their deep shades of blue and blue shades, and other “cool” colors. Apply shadows can be both on the upper eyelid and on the lower lash line growth. Caution should be used beige shade as they do look tired.

The basic rule of makeup for blue eyes owners: no black eyeliner and mascara! Black looks unnaturally blue eyes, but shades of gray and brown is the best fit for the make-up of blue eyes. So you can accentuate eye color and brightness to avoid excessive makeup.

 gray and gray-blue eyes

Gray and gray-blue eyes.
Many makeup artists especially love gray eyes, as it is neutral and gray eyes makeup can afford almost vse.Staraytes avoid shadows in warm colors: gray eyes looked favorably cool tones. Especially good for you to be silvery shade. Matte shadow should be avoided if you do not want to get in the end “extinct” look.
The right make-up gray eyes black eyeliner perfect finish, apply deposited on top-line growth of eyelashes. Mascara makeup gray eyes and black is more suitable.

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