Skin Care Face and Body .Biorhythms of the skin – the science to be beautiful skin care face and body.

Biorhythms of the skin

Skin Care Face and Body.
Biorhythms of the skin – the science to be beautiful skin care face and body.

Biorhythms have a huge impact on the work of the skin, whose condition may significantly vary depending on the time of day. Hence, to skin care to bring the maximum benefits, it should be just at the time when the skin is ready for it. Let’s find out what kind of skin care and what time you need to exercise.

5-7 am

From 5 to 7 am. The skin just waking up, and at this time it is a process of strengthening the natural protective barrier for the day, so the skin’s ability to absorb any substance from the outside falls. Not difficult to conclude that the morning is absolutely not suitable for the use of masks and creams whose active ingredients will not be able to break through the protective barrier of the skin. So it makes sense to restrict tonic cold shower that will invigorate your skin.

7-8 am

Between the 7th and 8th hours – at this time begins to actively work circulatory system, which fills the skin cells active substances. Apply day cream.

8-10 am

For the period from 10 am to 8 characterized by increasing pressure in the vascular system, whereby the tapered wall receptacles. This makes the blood vessels are very sensitive to any kind of negative impact. For example, the morning coffee with a cigarette cause the beauty of your skin much more significant damage than the same coffee and smoking in the middle of the day. But this time is perfect to do makeup.

10-12 pm

Next time period – from 10 am to noon. Right now, the sebaceous glands begin to operate at full capacity, which leads to a greasy, which manifests itself most clearly in the forehead and nose. It’s time to powder, these zones or, better yet, use makeup matting effect regulation of sebaceous secretions.

13-17 pm

From 13 to 17 pm, the skin begins to gradually lose its freshness and beauty. The fact that at this time the pressure in the vessels falls and as a result, significantly reduced the skin tone. Skin looks faded, faded, clearly manifested wrinkles. That is why in this time period the skin desperately needs a rest. Ideally, it is recommended a healthy afternoon nap. However, working women are unlikely to benefit from this recommendation. But they can give your skin a breath of oxygen: use the lunch break and walk in the fresh air.

17-20 hours

C 17 to 20 skin again “reborn” and willingly responds to beauty treatments. This is a good time for a facial massage, spa treatments, facials overlay.

20-22 hours

After 20 to 22 hours – the time when the skin is prepared for bed. There is a natural cleansing, which is great help peeling. It was at this time is necessary to put a night cream, because later on the skin just simply closes the pores and most effective cream will be minimal.

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