Makeup. How to look younger – make-up tips.

How to look younger – make-up tips.

Look at least a few years younger than her actual age – the dream of almost every woman. To achieve this dream of the fair half of humanity spend decent money on a variety of cosmetic products and procedures. But there are some secrets of youth and beauty, that will help you look younger than his age and will not require at the same time, no more money, no effort or time.

Today we present to you the advice of professional makeup artists how to use makeup to look younger than their age – running, check for yourself!


How to look younger – lips. To give lips a fresh and youthful appearance, many women use persistent lipsticks. These lipsticks really evenly borne by the skin of the lips, giving them an attractive appearance. But you’ll get even more attractive effect if the counter strike over lipstick lip gloss. It will give your lips the juiciness, and they will look more natural.


How to look younger – tone. Also, some women are hard to ignore such an effective cosmetic product, as blush, preferring adjusting skin tones using the funds. But putting a little blush on top of the pitch, you refresh the complexion, so will look younger.

Eye makeup

How to look younger – eye makeup. Now, focus on the eye. It is known that the eyes – a mirror of the soul and, therefore, your eyes just have to burn a young and cheerful glow. To achieve the desired effect, prefer pastel shades, such as cream. Do not use very bright eyeliner and draw them too thick, unnatural lines. Natural make-up in bright, soft colors will refresh you and you will look younger. Do not forget to give your eyes more expressive by using mascara!


How to look youngerhair. And a little about hair, because they frame our face. Elaborate hairstyles and styling does not always make a woman younger, but this ability has such a simple hairstyle as “ponytail”. She is very young and, in addition, allows to open face, drawing attention to the eyes and lips, make-up that you just made.

28 February 2015 Posted in Beauty, Сosmetics