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dry skin
Care for dry skin.
Proper care of dry skin can compensate for the lack of fat and moisture for dry skin, restore the original beauty.
Especially dry skin.

Before you go to the rules of care for dry skin, let’s find out what is a type of dry skin. As a rule, if well cared for dry skin looks the envy of the beautiful – soft, silky, translucent, with unexpressed pores and has a beautiful color. But in a state of neglect or improper care, it is prone to premature aging. It is dry, thin, sometimes scaly, becomes sensitive and irritable, and that is very bad, it quickly wrinkles appear.

Proper care of dry skin can compensate for the lack of fat and moisture, restore the original beauty of the dry skin. It consists of 3 stages, inclusive:
– Proper cleansing of dry skin
– Toning dry skin
– Hydration of the skin (in the morning) and / or the power of facial skin (in the evening).

Stage 1 dry skinperform cleansing.

Your first step in caring for dry skin should stand its purification. Cleansing removes dust, dirt, excess sebum, cosmetics, opens the pores, adjusts the circulatory system and, thus, prepare dry skin to further treatments for it. Dry skin for daily cleansing more suitable soft, delicate tools. It is best to meet these criteria milk for washing. Typically, its composition contained in the oil that will protect the skin from drying, dry and help retain moisture.

2 stage care for dry skin – toning.

In the second phase of care for dry skin need to spend toning. As a tonic for dry skin is better to use tonics, lotions instead.

3 stage dry skin – moisturizing.
After cleansing and toning shall enter into force the third stage of dry skin – . moisturizing.With a lack of time and it can be purchased the day cream, which will include vegetable oils, herbal extracts, glycerin, aloe vera juice.

4 stage dry skin – food.
Nutritional treatments for dry skin is best done at night.

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