Peptides in our Lives

Peptides in our lives

Not so long ago, youth- seemed to be irreplaceable and temporary; however, today everything has changed-with the help of scientists with more than 30 years of experiments and studies about the human ageing process, truly amazing products have been discovered, based on the natural peptides. Peptides are very short proteins, which are made from amino acids. Peptides are the major components for human kind.

All happen with the help of peptides or so called molecules of life!

Peptides have major anti-ageing effect on human cells thus preventing different types of diseases and curing the existing once. Also, they carry out protecting actions against toxins and other damaging factors and support levels of mature and active cells as well as their metabolism. With the help of peptides, cells life expectancy increases from 30% to 40%. In average, people live up to 75 years, using up to 30% of energy for living resources and fighting against toxic environmental factors; such as: ecology, stress and ultraviolet radiation. Also, the life style factors play a crucial role in human life expectancy- food, water and exercise. Most of us do not have a healthy diet, we do not consume clean water, our life style is not active enough and we don have a clear regime for rest. All of these listed factors lead to changes in our genes and as a result, we age so quickly; therefore, decreasing our life expectancy up to 30% or 40%.

Peptide products have no contraindications.Nowadays, such products are one of the most popular ways of anti-ageing which is affordable for everyone. Products from NPCRIZ can turn time around, without surgery or harmful consequences.

3 July 2011 Posted in Beauty, Health, Lifestyle