Beautiful hair – hairstyles, haircuts, hair care. Hairstyles 2015-2016.

Beautiful hair

Beautiful hair – hairstyles, haircuts, hair care.
Hairstyles 2015-2016.
Trendy hairstyles for long hair has a tradition of natural beauty – fashion stylists believe that long hair is fine in itself, and it makes no sense to split hairs with intricate and unusual hairstyles.

Can not be cropped, decorate possible and even necessary – that’s the motto of the latest fashionable hairstyles for long hair years, which should learn every woman who is the happy owner of long hair and thinks what hairstyle her choose. Decorate hair hairdressers, primarily due to hairstyles and hair styling.
Trendy hairstyles for long hair – the leaders of curls.
Hairstyles 2015-2016

The lead in the ranking of trendy hairstyles for long hair wavy curls. This is natural and beautiful. Here specialists hairstyles give a wide scope both your own and your imagination – the main thing to long hair look natural, and can choose a variety of forms, from simple volume to clear sculpted curls.
To create a romantic and feminine fashion image in hairstyles for long hair 2014-2015 recommend staying on simple volume curls. Just curl large or different diameter rollers, or use a hairdryer and brush, brushing, so you can use hot tongs. Then gently spread the hair, achieving the desired result in the hair, and sealed with lacquer.

Hair retro style
If you’re a fan of retro style, the trendy hairstyles for long hair will be relevant echoes of the 40s, according to, ruled by sculpted curls. Technology for creating such a beautiful hairstyle is simple – big hair strands curl on hot tongs or rollers. Depending on the diameter of tongs and hair curlers, you can get different volume waves in the hair.

Option, which is used in virtually all stylists – hairstyles for long hair on the base of beautiful textured strands. Share your long hair into individual strands of small or medium, depending on what effect you want to achieve hair and curl them with hot tongs or screw on curlers. To create the clearest curls, use styling products.

individual style

Another option fashionable hairstyles for long hair, which offer designers – it is only the tip curling hair, while leaving smooth roots. Using different amounts of curls, you can create new images every day, and you will always be in fashion trend. By the way, curls can also be lightly backcomb to create an individual style.

long hair

The main trends in hairstyles for long hair.

smooth hair

Of course, trendy hairstyles for long hair are not based on some versions only beautiful curling, although very diverse. Still relevant simple smooth hair, which fell decorated with graded cut. Since natural fashion, you can simply maintain the natural hair texture or choose slight negligence and rastrepannost – little hands whipping her hair over the entire length, causing pre-styling.


Back on the fashion catwalks and remain there bouffant – elegant hairstyle for long hair. Shaggy hairstyle, you can create almost any kind – it can be both smooth and wavy hair, with fleece on the top or on the sides, or it will do the lion’s mane, as in the ’60s, the question is purely individual and depends on your preferences.


Simple but always fashionable hairstyle-beam just at the peak of popularity with long hair. Important in the implementation of the beam – a creative mess, where there is no place zalizannosti and sleek, on the contrary, as if accidentally dropped out curls hairstyle or hair slicked are welcome.

Hairstyle  tail

Hairstyle with tail held in the top fashionable hairstyles for long hair for several years now and leave it in is not going to. This fashionable hairstyle is good as long hair highlights and opens the face, giving opportunities at work or at home, go out. Tail hair can be an original issue, dragging a couple-three rubber bands in various places throughout the length of the hair. Gives hair volume at the crown and pick up the remaining hair into a ponytail at the back, you get excellent fashionable hairstyle for an evening out.


Braid, one of the most popular hairstyles for long hair. In fashion as tightly plaited braids (remember – this is only suitable for women with thick hair), and with slight negligence weaving.

As you can see, options for hairstyles for long hair a lot, experiment and change every day, be individual and unique.

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