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Facial Cleansing
Facial Cleansing.

Facial cleansing at home is beautiful its cheapness, simplicity and low traumatic,
with the home facial cleansing involves the simultaneous purification, rejuvenation,
and skin nutrition, that is just what we need.



Cleaning the skin at home with masks combines two concepts that we need – simplicity and effectiveness. Another huge plus – the fact that at home to cleanse the face are mainly used in natural masks, so virtually eliminate the factor of rejection of skin allergies.


Facial cleansing at home can effectively accomplished by peeling. Home peeling – a massage with cleansing drugs, which dissolve and remove dead cells. Since this procedure requires greater attention due to the fact that the formulations used may injure the skin, we prepared for our readers two special material devoted to home cleaning face with peeling. The first talks about how to prepare and carry out the procedure properly cleaning the home, the second – how to choose a scrub for your skin type.

Vacuum cleaning

Vacuum cleaning person has its pluses and minuses. Vacuum nozzle sticks to the skin, removes excess skin pores of sebum, fatty “plug” and pollution, which causes a good lymphatic drainage effect, improves the complexion. Vacuum cleaning person less painful, rather than mechanical, that is the one that we spend at home. But less effective, so it is best to use it in conjunction with mechanical cleaning as well as in the general procedures for maintaining skin tone.

Facial Cleansing ultrasound

Facial Cleansing ultrasound is also good its non-traumatic. Skin moistened special contact medium, which when exposed to ultrasound as it boils, causing exfoliation of old cells of the upper layer of the epidermis that znachitalno increases tissue regeneration, wrinkles are smoothed out. And no redness. Another plus a cleaning person – young cells are more favorable and fast perceived impact of creams and masks that you do at home, and the effect of their use markedly increases.

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