Skin Care Face.Skin Care after 40 years.

Skin Care after 40 years.

Skin Care after 40 years.

Skin Care after 40 years based on how to keep your skin and what is the general condition of the body. That is why experienced beauticians are advised to use in skin care after 40 years of comprehensive approach, encouraging her inside and out.
In this article, we will tell you how to properly care for your skin after 40 years, what are the main treatments should be carried out, and you will learn how to maintain the beauty and health of your body and skin in general.

Skin Care after 40 years – Cosmetics outside..

Skin after 40-becomes increasingly vulnerable. Firstly, by reducing the production of collagen and elastin, the skin loses its smoothness and, as a consequence, it becomes all the more noticeable wrinkles less oval face mapped, the skin loses its elasticity and tone becomes more porous, which in turn leads to a rapid loss of moisture. Therefore, it is on the skin hydration, skin tone, lifting effect (pulling), the elimination of wrinkles and should be sent to the primary care after 40 years. Estheticians divide it into two parts – external and internal.

The outer skin care after 40 years consists of 4 blocks – a nourishing, moisturizing, lifting treatments and skin care around the eyes – this is where a thin skin often gives our age, so work with this zone stands alone. So what are the right way to build a home skin care after 40 years.

Nutrition skin

1. Nutrition.

Estheticians are absolutely right when advised not limited to creams. You need a good night cream, and basic care should perform a hydrating mask for the face, and it will be the best domestic, rather than the factory because they consist of natural fresh foods, so perceived skin the most favorable way. Such procedures do need two, and in poor condition of the skin – three times a week.

Moisturize skin

2. Moisturize.

As a result of weakening of the protective function of the skin after 40-very quickly and loses moisture rapidly. As a result, it becomes dry and all the wrinkles, even small, become pronounced. To avoid this, it is necessary to conduct additional moisturizing the skin. Firstly, increase water intake, drinking woman after forty years need at least a half to two liters of clean water per day. Second, use a moisturizing mask – linking them with the nutrients quickly give you the desired effect.


3. Lifting.

Lifting, ie the effect of skin tightening, should be divided into home and beauty. Domestic procedures include mandatory daily facial massage, rub the skin with ice podtyagivayushie mask. But cosmetologists are advised not limited to home remedies – beauty salons now offer non-traumatic and highly effective treatment – is mesotherapy, vacuum massage, ultrasound (myostimulation) and fotomolozhenie that effectively refresh and improve the complexion, relieve swelling, reduce the depth of facial wrinkles. The best effect is achieved by lifting just a combination of domestic and cosmetic ways to skin.

4. Caring for the skin around the eyes.

 Caring for the skin around the eyes.
This is a mandatory procedure in skin care after 40-. Tender, delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes after 40 years experiencing great difficulties – it is aging faster, there are fine lines, “crow’s feet”, bags and puffiness under the eyes.
Helps the skin from the inside.

Due to various reasons the skin after 40 years begins to depend very much on how the body is saturated with it the right vitamins, trace elements and minerals. That is why a mandatory part of skin care is to change their diet in order to receive the diet it needs substance. They are few in familiar products, so the deficit must be replaced with the use of food additives.

The most commonly used food additive, a balanced blend of essential fatty acids called omega-6 or omega-3 complex. They consist of alpha-linolenic, linoleic, gamma-linolenic acid. And they stimulate the body as a whole, and in the skin of active metabolic processes that improve skin and hair, and normalize the skin’s moisture balance, possess immunomodulatory effects.


In addition, women over 40 years, experts advise to choose nutritional supplements and vitamin complexes containing carotenoids, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, Pycnogenolmaritime pine bextract of ark (or grape seed), the cell wall of yeast extract, ginkgo biloba extract, glycine (amino acid).

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