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Lip care
Lip care.

Many women are paying lip care very little time and some even bypass this action side. Obviously, not everyone knows that the lips show a person’s age as clearly as the condition of the skin, they also appear wrinkles, remove that is in disrepair is almost impossible. And lips attract attention of the opposite sex – not by chance in poems and songs called soft lips, love, inviting, calling

Unfortunately for us, the women, the skin of the lips devoid of sebaceous glands, it is very thin and does not have its own protection, so it is very vulnerable. Often, the reason why the first wrinkles appear in the zone of nasolabial triangle, treacherously betraying age. Therefore, cosmetologists say – modern woman should pay attention to his lips no less than the skin.

Vitamins for  lips

Power lips – the most important part of the care. For this purpose, liquid vitamins A and E, they can be purchased at the pharmacy. Every evening when he got home, lubricate them their lips and let vitamins absorbed. Will be a good substitute for fish oil vitamins, it also contains a lot of useful substances lip.

Honey wrap lips

Is also very useful and tasty process. Honey, as we know, perhaps the most useful product in the world on the content of beneficial vitamins and trace elements. Lubricate the lips and the area around them, about 1 centimeter, honey, and wait until it is absorbed. I assure you, this honey mask is not less effective than expensive beauty treatments in beauty salons.


Very often the lips look bad, dry because of their lack of a proper amount of moisture. Dry lips – very ugly. The best home remedy here – aloe juice. If a flower growing in the house, you can take the flesh and put it to his lips 2-3 times a week for 15 minutes, and you can buy aloe juice at the pharmacy, and with the same frequency to make a mask, applying to the lips a cotton pad soaked in the juice of the data. Aloe moisturizes lips after they look very young and full.

Cosmetic ice

Another popular secret – use ice. Rubbing a piece of ice lips morning and evening, you can be confident in their tone and nasyshennom natural color.

Naturally, as a preventive measure should be used balms or hygienic lipstick.

Cosmetics for Lips

They nourish, moisturize and protect your lips from the sun, frost and wind. Plus give lips a natural shine, heal wounds and cracks. Balms and hygienic lipstick can be used as a standalone tool, and apply make-up lips.

And do not skimp on cosmetics – cheap lipstick dry lips better than the hot desert wind. There are special programs for cosmetic care for delicate and sensitive skin of the lips, but their absence can make use of cosmetics for the eyes, because their characteristics are very similar.

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