Skincare spring.

Skincare spring.

In the stronspring of the year when there is a renewal ofnature, alive and flourishing, and the air is light and warm, especially want to look more fresh and charming. However, for the attractiveness of a desire is not enough, you must also desire for beauty and personal care. After the spring of fatigue in the winter facial skin becomes very sensitive and requires the most careful and thorough treatment.

Why Spring is often accompanied by skin problems? How to care for your skin in the spring?

The facial skin becomes more vulnerable, because during the winter aggressive impact factors (wind, cold, sharp change of temperature, dry air in the premises) destroy the natural hydrolipidic protective film of the skin. Additional adverse factor – a lack of vitamins, as a result – reduced immunity and lack of nutrients. Skin reaction immediately – peeling and redness, inflammatory lesions.
Proper skin care in the spring time

– Clean with care, soft scrubs and masks. Refrain from intense until peeling or grinding, they increase skin sensitivity to UV rays. Use gentle ways to improve the complexion.

– For washing, use boiled water with herbal infusions. Would be appropriate to use cosmetic ice on the broth of herbs. Dried chamomile fees, mint, dill, rose petals, sage or oak bark in various combinations pour hot water (a tablespoon of glass on the collection). Broth insist for an hour, then it is filtered, cooled, poured into cups and placed in a cooling chamber. Ice cubes rubbed the skin except for the area around the eyes.

– Keep the steam bath for the face, try to go to the bath. Choose moisturizing and nourishing face mask, the effect of which is aimed at accelerating the regeneration process of the skin.

– Pay particular attention to increasing the sensitivity of the thin skin around the eyes. The skin has a minimum age of natural fat, so prone to dryness, wrinkles and edema. Seasonal changes in the spring often increased lacrimation, which serves as an additional stimulus. Use only high-quality cosmetics, matched according to age. Special anti-wrinkle cream is not acceptable before 25-30 years. Suitable for young skin light gels with herbal extracts and vitamins, lots of funds containing basically seafood.

– In the event that the state of the facial skin causing your anxiety increased due to sudden redness, itching, feeling of tightness, skin peeling or inflammation, and cosmetics and folk remedies are ineffective, be sure to visit a dermatologist.

2 March 2015 Posted in Beauty, Health, Сosmetics