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What is necessary for maintaining healthy gums, teeth, skin, and blood vessels?

Vitamin C plays an important role in forming collagen in the bones as well as in maintaining healthy gums, teeth, skin, and blood vessels.
A powerful antioxidant, vitamin C also reduces allergies and heals wounds. Since it’s involved in collagen formation, vitamin C glues cells together and prevents foreign organisms from penetrating this first line of defence.

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You might also like to know how to make your hair not only beautiful, but healthy, too?

A stylist and coiffeur Angelica provides vital advice on haircare, hair loss and looking good.

Actually, healthy, well-groomed hair is one of the most important components of image of a modern successful lady. But some women are endowed with magnificent and brilliant ringlets by nature, and some women should achieve their wished purpose by their own efforts. In a pursuit of fashionable tendencies, in experiments with our image, sometimes, we forget about protection of our hair, and it becomes often lifeless and fragile. There is a question: how to make hair not simply beautiful, but healthy?

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When our kids need a nutrient top-up

Most children, given a choice about what we put on their plates, wouldn’t choose broccoli and cauliflower over cupcakes and candy. Though we try to feed them all the right things, children can be picky eaters.

It makes sense, then, to add a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement to their routine. But the choices can be confusing , and getting children to take a supplement may be a challenge. Here is some information to help you make the right choice.

Children are not mini adults

Children’s and adults’ needs differ. In children, needs focus on laying the foundation for strong bones and teeth, building a healthy immune system, and preparing for puberty. Think of childhood as the investment years to not only ensure good health, but also set the stage for preventing disease in the adult years.

Because children have smaller livers than adults, they have reduced ability to process vitamins and minerals. For safe, long-term use, children’s vitamins and minerals should be in lower doses than for adults.

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Dandruff. Dry scalp

Dandruff consists of small white scales that usually appear in the scalp and hair. The medical term for dandruff is PITYRIASIS. If neglected for long, excessive dandruff can lead to baldness. The nature of dandruff is not clearly defined my medical authorities. Associated causes of dandruff are: a sluggish condition of the scalp, possibly due to poor circulation, infection, injury, lack of nerve stimulation, improper and uncleanness. Contributing causes are: the use of strong shampoos and insufficient rinsing of the hair after a shampoo.

There are two types of dandruff:

First – dry type and
Second – greasy or waxy type.

Dry scalp

Just as the skin is continuously being shed & replaced, the upper most layer of the scalp is also being cast off all the time. These scales loosen and fall off freely. The natural shedding of the scales should not be mistaken as dandruff.

To avoid any type of dandruff, we recommend to use anti-dandruff shampoos, for example Selson Blue. If dandruff persists, we would suggest to see a dermatologist.

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Contagious skin diseases.

Forewarned Is Forearmed!

We would like to forewarn are readers of some contagious skin diseases which exist, to avoid any possible complication in your life.

Animal Parasitic Infection

Animal parasite is a highly contagious skin disease caused by the itch mite (lice). The lice feed from the scalp, itching occurs and resultant scratching can cause an infection. Lice is transmitted from one person to another by contact with infested hats, comb, brushes or other personal articles. Lice will then die after 7 days if not on scalp. Lice live of heat from scalp. Head lice do not fly or jump but run very quickly. Nits are tiny yellow white eggs of lice. Nits and dandruff might look similar (white particles) but dandruff is easily removed by the touch as to nits stick to the hair shaft close to the scalp (for heat). They are very difficult to remove and must be scraped off with your nail or a special small tooth comb.

Special shampoos must be used to kill the Lice and Nits and must then be completely removed from the hair and scalp with the special tooth comb. Warm vinegar is also great to remove these parasites. Disinfecting all personal items that have been in contact is a Must – for example: pillows, clothing, etc


This kind of hair disease is caused by vegetable parasites. All forms are contagious and can be transmitted from one person to another . It is a fungus, and can also be transmitted by bathtubs, swimming pools and non-sanitized articles. Ringworms start with a small redden patch of little blisters. Several such patches may be present. The hair will eventually break off leaving bald patches. It is very contagious!

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