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Detox diet drinks.
What to drink after the holidays?

Holidays – it’s always great. But do not forget to stop in time to celebrate …
To get rid of bad feelings in your stomach, clear the body of chemical waste and chose the right way fighting with overweight will help detox diet, and special drinks, perhaps, not very tasty, but quite effective. The Sensa Quench is also a weight loss supplement that can help with that post holiday weight gain.

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A healthy breakfast. Berry Yogurt

A healthy breakfast. Berry YogurtBerries, honey, yogurt – a maximum of useful substances.

For example, blueberries good fights against free radicals, healing properties of honey is known to all … fewer words. Done!


(4 servings)

400 g frozen berries
juice of 1 orange
6 tablespoons of honey
400 ml low-fat yogurt
40 g muesli

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Healthy Chocolate

Xocai™ Healthy Chocolate has arrived!

  • Healthy Chocolate is a leading Health & Wellness trend.
  • Unprocessed Chocolate has one of the highest antioxidant concentrations of any food (followed closely by the Açai Berry).
  • Chocolate is craved more than any other food in the world.
  • The average American consumes 12 lbs of Chocolate annually.

What is Xoçai™?

Xoçai™ products combine the antioxidant benefits of the finest, all-natural European cocoa powder and the Açai berry from the Amazon Rain Forest.

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