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Knitting Machines

Do you love to knit?.. love to create?… but maybe its too hard on the hands?.. then why not try investing in a knitting machine?

Knitting, like any creating, is good for the soul, but can be hard for some people to do, and they end up with half finished projects laying around, and feeling stressed about it, which is the opposite of what crafting is suppose to do for the heart and soul!.

There are some great machines out on the market now, and there are a lot more patterns that are dedicated to machine knitting. The machines have been around for a while, but were basically reserved for scarves and blankets, but now there are some great machines with lots of features and you can make garments, sweaters, crafts and more.

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Cooking in the Cold or Winter Weather Barbeque!

Winter weather in most of the south will usually not interfere with a good backyard barbeque. Most of us don’t have to be concerned with sweeping snow off the grill in order to burn a steak. Our biggest challenge in the first cookout of the year is dusting the spiders and crickets out of the charcoal tray.

If you’ll be using charcoal and a liquid lighter, know what kind of accelerant you’re going to be pouring on those briquettes. It’s not the volume of the whoooomp you hear when you light the fire that determines whether you coals will burn evenly or not.

Be wise and never use gasoline, lacquer thinner, lantern fuel and any of the highly combustible solutions you can buy at the paint store. Any of those can light up the night like a roman candle, and you with it. Pay the extra dollar and stick with charcoal lighter even though its fragrance may linger on the meat you’re cooking.

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