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The Yin and Yang of beauty

The Chinese believe that when the body is balanced, the body will be healthy and beautiful. Healthy skin is beautiful skin. Health gives you that radiant glow that is beautiful.
The 3 most important steps to beauty are:

Eat foods with detoxifying properties. Examples are apples, watermelons, walnuts. cucumbers, sweet potatoes, tomatoes. watercress, tofu, barley, honey and milk.

Tip: For a delicious dessert

Wash and skin a sweet potato.
Slice it into cubes.
Boil it in some water until tender.
Add honey or rock sugar to taste.
Serve with the water.

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Nutrition: The Balancing the Yin and Yang

Yin is the cold or cool energy. Cooling foods like aloe vera, honey, cucumbers and peppermint are examples of Yin foods.
Yang is hot or warming energy. Hot foods like chili, beef and cherries are examples of Yang foods. When your Yin and Yang are in balance, you skin and hair are at their best.

Oily skin, Yang.
A person with oily skin, a tendency to break out in pimples and a hot temper tends to have an excess of Yang, not enough Yin.
Pimple, boils and the like are due to toxic heat. Smoking and stress also aggravate the situation. Note that stress can lead to acne and dry skin at the same time.
If that sounds like you, the best food for you would be the cooling food. Food like carrots, cucumbers, peppermint, honey suckle, apples, bananas and chrysanthemum are great for cooling the ‘fire’.

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