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Real Aid for hair loss

If you are experiencing hair loss, the last thing you want, is to worry about which of the many products on the market is the right one for you. Extra worry will only make the problem worse, and for the majority of sufferers, the idea of going into a shop to ask about hair loss products or buy them over the counter only causes further stress and anxiety.

There are many reasons why people experience hair loss in varying degrees. Medical conditions, chemical treatments, heredity factors, poor diet/prolonged and excessive dieting, pregnancy, harsh or over use of hair products.

Equally, there are a wide range of treatments available for the successful reversal of many types of hair loss and thinning. They work for men and women and offer real results. The choice includes:

• Products to conceal and disguise hair loss, colour matched.
• Fibres and solutions to thicken thinning hair.
• Laser combs to directly stimulate the scalp and promote hair re-growth. Portable laser therapy to use in the privacy of a home environment – a treatment that costs serious money at hair loss clinics, but is now available through portable Laser combs.

• Shampoos and serums to cleanse and nourish the hair follicles.
• Vitamins and dietary supplements to nourish the hair from the inside and give the body what it needs to produce healthy hair growth.
• Patches to wear on your skin (placed on a different, non visible part of your body each day), these patches act from within, strengthening the nucleus of the hair follicle.

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What Are The Main Reasons Of Hair Loss Occurrence?

Hair loss for men and women begins as early as the teens and is fully seen by the age of 40 years old. Hair loss genes can be inherited from either side of the family or both sides. For men Alopecia is known as Male Pattern Baldness. In women it turns as a generalized thinning of the hair. Men can go completely bald, as to women, it is extremely rare.

Scientists believe that approximately 95 per cent of hair loss is due to Alopecia.

Alopecia Areata

there is a sudden loss of hair in round or irregular patches, the scalp is not inflamed. This type of hair loss occurs in individuals who have no obvious skin disorder or serious disease. It is often attributed to stress. Alopecia Areata is confined to a few areas and is often reversed in a few months, though recurrences may occur. To help for this disease cortisone shots are available but work only up to a certain degree. …


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