Food as Medicine

Right food enables a person to refuse from medicine because it becomes medicine by itself. In many ways the curative action of food is caused by its taste. Since oldest times there are six tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, burning and astringent.

Sweet taste is the strongest as for its curative activity on the organism. It strengthens the body, promotes digestion, cures wounds and helps prolong life. Food with sweet taste is especially useful for children, old people and weak people. But eating a lot of sweet food is harmful for your health, because it can make you fat and sick.

Sour taste makes the appetite better, promotes digestion and water detention in the organism, makes intestine activity better. Excessive eating of sour food can bring weakness, vertigo and edema, fever. If food with sour taste promotes intestine patency, than astringent taste, vice versa, calls spasms of gullet and make small ways in the intestine.

Salty flavor has cleaning ability-it makes the removing of scybalum stool and gathered gases easier, cleans immobilized blood vessels, calls abundant saliva discharge and gastic juice. Excessive eating of very salty food will lead to the dropping out of hair, gray hair, wrinkles and premature aging of the organism. Sweet and salty foods direct the organism energy down. That’s why they are very good purgatives.

Bitter taste makes digestion an appetite better, warms the body and stimulates the excretion of water, widens blood vessels, activates circular processes in the body, helps to recover from food intoxication and makes consciousness lighter. Again, excessive consuming of bitter food is not useful for the organism. Food with dominant bitter and astringent taste directs the energy up. That’s why it is very good for those who have low blood pressure, who suffer from bad blood circulation in vessels of the head brain. Also such food is recommended as a vomitive agent for cleaning the organism from mucus.

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