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What is breast cancer?

breast cancer
What is breast cancer?

The mammary gland (breast) Body meaningful and important, but it is very sensitive. She especially transferred all the experiences of women, it is very sensitive to weather changes and “in house”, and on the street. Stress, psycho-emotional stress, physical fatigue, numerous women’s diet and hormonal disorders do not go past her and she responds …

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Medicine Ball Training Basics

Medicine ball for your health

If you work out at home, the medicine ball is a must-have, as it is a versatile and relatively inexpensive exercise tool.
They are available in different weights and sizes, some designs even having handles to give you a better grip.
Although they are quite heavy and good for weightlifting exercises, medicine balls are also perfect to throw around while training and improve speed and agility.

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Honluten – Respiratory system

Respiratory system

Honluten / Description

Respiratory system consists of set of structures that capture oxygen and remove carbon dioxide which is formed by exhaling. The central body – the lungs are located on both sides either of the heart. Developments of lung disease turn into pathological processes that lead to a reduction of oxygen in the blood. Therefore, decrease of lungs volume leads to the respiratory failure leading to disability, significantly reducing the quality of life. For normalization and correction of pathological changes in the lungs, which result in various diseases, we have developed a respiratory bioregulator system – Honluten.

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Center of Revitalization and Health

Revitalizationand HealthCompany today

Scientific-Production Center of Revitalization and Health- is the only official representative of St. Petersburg University of Bioregulation and Gerontology. Center of Revitalization and Health is a dynamic and fast growing company which has began its work in 2010 and during a short period of time has already reached really high achievements.

Today, Center of Revitalization and Health is a rapidly growing company that increases its presence in the domestic and foreign markets, extending its boundaries of business and scientific co operations. The result of NPCRIZ dynamic development in figures is the following: from 7 peptide bioregulators to more than 100 different kinds of unique products for health and active living, 2 representative offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg, more than 300 offices worldwide, including Russia, Europe, CIS countries, USA and Canada.

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How to Improve Your Memory and be healthy until 100 years!


Finally it happened!
Invented natural products that help keep a good memory and improve its condition.

As many of you may know, that NPCRIZ does not only produce natural bioregulators but also other products based on the same level.

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