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The Perfect Figure – and Do You Have One?

Bali Invisibles Seamless All-In-One Torset Thigh Shape

New products in our shop for the perfect figure!

Bali Invisibles Seamless All-In-One Torset Thigh Shaper 8620

Trim your tummy, tone your thighs, support your lower back and lift your bust — this shapewear does it all! Provides total body smoothing. Wear Your Own Bra (WYOB) style.

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Love Your Lips Again!

Love Your Lips Again!

product imageDo chapped, dry lips make you look and feel older?

Are you frustrated with lip products that don’t deliver results?

Do you long for smooth, full, plumped, beautiful, younger looking lips?

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“Cosmetic confiture” series KIWI+ (Fruit peeling mask)

Nutritious cream desirably Kiwi
Care for all skin types should begin with its thorough cleansing.

The cleansing is especially important for oily skin with its large pores, often filled with skin lard and dust. This is a perfect nutritive substance for all kind of bacteria, including some pathogenic and inflammation causing

Bacteria types.

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Exclusive organic care

Line of cosmetics “EXCLUSIVE ORGANIC CARE” from Dr. Kadir is on our eStore

Dr. Ron Kadir Laboratories Ltd. is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art, sophisticated, innovative skin care products backed by more than 50 years of experience.

The company, established in 1990, has its roots in a family business which had been operating since the sixties as highly respected consultants to the cosmetic industry and reliable suppliers of superior quality raw materials.

At Dr. Kadir laboratories, we develop and produce our products according to the needs and quality standards of first-class beauticians. The laboratories are ISO 9000/2000 certified, and all products are registered and licensed by the Health Authorities. In October 2007, after complying with all the requirements of the standard, we received Ecocert certification for our new line of organic products, Exclusive organic CareTM.

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