Where to go in the spring – festivals. Romantic Florence. Flower festival

flower festival

Romantic Florence. Flower festival.

Romantic Florence is also not without a flower festival.

festival flower

Connoisseurs will be delighted irises flower festival in Florence. Unlike other cities, Florence in the stands. Wide range of colors of irises, itself a special city of Florence, the very beginning of May – all it’s worth it to come here.

According to ancient legend, the neighborhood of Florence were once covered with irises. The flower has become a symbol of the city, and appeared on the arms. Iris festival in Florence more than half a century. At Piazzale Michelangelo, in the Garden of Iris in mid-May Festival spend irises. Among the varieties of irises presented, the jury selects the best flower that receives the grand prize – Fiorino D’oro.

23 April 2015 Posted in Lifestyle