The beneficial properties of apples .


Apples are today perhaps the most affordable fruit. The benefits of apples has been said a lot: they are – a storehouse of vitamins, their use contributes to the removal from the body of excess fluid, apples can inhibit the absorption of fats, etc.

Useful properties of apple fiber and apple pectin improve digestion, potassium helps the kidneys, regulates the formation of blood iron, and vitamins A, C, E, P, group B plus manganese, copper, plus vegetable-volatile antibiotics improve immunity and strengthen the body’s defenses. English, no wonder they say that two apples a day chase doctor away ..


What are the benefits of apples to health.

Few fruits that provide many benefits to our health, like apples. The range of useful properties of apples for the body is so broad that virtually no life-support systems, which would not take apples from some nutrients, vitamins or minerals. And, first of all, it is worth noting the benefit of apples for the cardiovascular system. Apples perform a useful function as lowering cholesterol. Moreover, apples, especially green contain important elements such as calcium and potassium, which reinforce the cardiac muscle.

For musculoskeletal benefits of apples is the ability to output of oxalic acid and its salts of the joints and thus prevent and cure problems such as gout and arthritis.

Use apples for the digestive system too invaluable. Use apple improves intestinal motility, which allows to get rid of toxins, it helps to normalize metabolic processes and the conclusion of poisons and toxins that many times reduces the risk of cancer. Baked apples are useful for gastric ulcer and gastritis.

The beneficial properties of apples have traditionally been used to support and lift the immunity, as well as vitamin deficiency, high content of vitamin C and anti-bacterial properties. Apples are rich in iron and, especially those that grow in “your” band, which is used to treat anemia.

The beneficial properties of apples in dietetics.

Use apples for people seeking to lose weight.
Elementary embodiment malic diet – apples neat totaling approximately half kilogram per day. To eat them when you feel hungry. An important condition for a simple apple diet – drink plenty of fluids in the form of tea or mineral water without gas. The daily rate of fluid – 2 liters.

If your diet is difficult to sustain, organize themselves at least one healthy apple fasting day per week. Moreover, it is enough to eat for half an hour before the main meal 1 apple, then you will eat less than half than usual. Thus, to lose kilos and can not adhering to a rigid diet.

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