Running in the evenings.


Running in the evenings.
Running at night is much better than in the morning. If you want to lose weight, relax or just relieve stress, you should know a few rules.
What are the benefits?

Firstly, it is time. In the morning, as we would not want to find the time to run hard. Not only a working man could bring himself to wake up an hour and a half before, just for the sake of running. And to do it every day and certainly not to be.

Secondly, evening the best for stress accumulated over a long working day.
In the morning we still cheerful and after running state of fatigue may occur, which will affect the ability to work. Thirdly, evening jogging help get rid of the extra calories eaten per day. Trained muscles will recover in your sleep, while spending energy.
The maximum run time of the evening should not exceed thirty minutes. It is better to take short breaks. But stops abruptly and not worth it if you want to rest, gradually reduce speed, moving at a fast pace.


When to run?

Many novice runners make the same mistake. Coming home from work, they dine, relax in front of the TV, and only then going for a run. But it is very wrong. After such a holiday biorhythms of the body is already in a passive state and a second “run” – a lot of stress.

The best time to run it from seven to ten o’clock in the evening. At this time the body is already quite calm, to have an opportunity to relieve stress, but it’s too passive.

To eat or not to eat before running ?

Unlike jogging in the evening it is advisable not to carry out exercise on an empty stomach. But tight dinner is not worth the same. It is best to have a snack salad, soup or a light lunch. The menu should include protein and carbohydrates to help your muscles recover after races.

Perfect light scrambled eggs, steamed with boiled chicken or beef. If you do not want to have dinner, then at least have a snack of fruit. For example, an apple or banana. You can make homemade yogurt, which satisfy hunger and help maintain strength.

Warm up before jogging: we need or not?


Definitely need. As before any training if you want to achieve maximum results, and it does not harm their own body, should be given a few minutes warm-up. Knead mainly footprint. Perfect exercise with a rolling pin or a ball. Rub hands leg muscles, massage them. This will help to increase blood circulation.
Before proceeding directly to the running, walk a short distance fast pace, gradually increasing speed.

25 April 2015 Posted in Fitness, Health, Weight