Useful properties of grapefruit.


Useful properties of grapefruit.

The benefits of grapefruit is caused by the content of essential for the normal functioning of the body of nutrients and vitamins. Its fruit is 90% water, 4-7% of sugar, and about 2% of organic acids and pectins. Furthermore, they are rich in fiber, antioxidants, essential oils, carotene, vitamins A, C, P, D, B2, as well as magnesium, potassium and calcium.
The grapefruit is useful and what useful properties of grapefruit should pay attention to all who wish to lose weight and maintain their beauty and health.

grapefruit in cosmetology

Useful properties of grapefruit in cosmetology.

Cosmetology is actively using the beneficial properties of grapefruit for their own purposes. For example, the highly regarded ability grapefruit resist excessive secretion of sebum, hence the use of grapefruit oily skin of the face and hair, prone to fat, is invaluable. It is recommended to add a few drops of grapefruit essential oil into finished masks for hair and face in the anti-cellulite cream, salt bath or to massage problem areas.
In addition, the useful properties of grapefruit has a tonic for the face. For the preparation you need fresh squeezed grapefruit juice mixed with pure mineral water (gas can) as follows: 2 st. l. juice 1 tbsp. l. water. Use the tonic in the morning and at night. If you want to slightly whiten the skin and get rid of age spots, including freckles, use the beneficial properties of grapefruit juice in its pure form, simply replace the morning or evening washing.

weight loss

Useful properties of grapefruit in weight loss.

Useful properties of grapefruit in weight loss have been known for a long time. The benefits of grapefruit is expressed primarily in the low-calorie of fruit – 100 grams only only 38 kcal, which allows rightly refer to the list of grapefruit diet products. Secondly, the flesh of the grapefruit is rich in fiber, which allows for a long time did not feel hunger, which is quite widely used in the grapefruit diet. Useful properties of grapefruit also expressed in the ability to cleanse the body of toxins. Fruit of the grapefruit is 80-90% water, the same grapefruit juice, which is an excellent diuretic. And already mentioned fiber resembles, serves as a kind of intestinal brush, bringing all the accumulated toxins and other harmful substances.
Grapefruit do not abuse those who suffer from various diseases of the stomach, for example, gastritis or ulcer. Not recommended to use them to treat liver diseases, as substances that they contain may inhibit its operation. It is not necessary to use these fruits and the people who have raised acidity.

You can not drink grapefruit juice medicines because it can engage them in response and enhance their impact, which could result in an overdose. While with hormonal contraceptive pills grapefruit reduces their effectiveness.

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