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normal skin
Caring for normal skin.

In this article we will tell you how to properly care for normal skin at home, what procedures should be carried out to normal skin stay healthy and attractive.
First, let’s define what is called a normal skin. Signs of normal skin: the same color, and uniform pigmentation; skin clean, soft to the touch and elastic; leather evenly allocates fat and moisture; skin acne and pimples do not; no enlarged pores; little or no wrinkles … If you have such a look at our recommendations.

Caring for normal skin – start with cleansing.
How can I clean the face in the care of normal skin? For this purpose, suitable soft lotion, foam or gel for washing. Apply the product to damp skin in a circular motion and to allocate funds across the surface. Massage has 5 minutes, then rinse with water means. Wash is better to use either mineral water or melted, you can also wash decoction of herbs. The water should be about body temperature, so you can keep longer natural beauty and youth support normal skin.
Caring for normal skin cleansing procedure provides for daily twice a day – in the morning and at bedtime.
Caring for normal skin – use peeling.
Simultaneously with the surface daily cleansing for oily skin peeling required. Make it 1-2 times a week.
Caring for normal skin – toning.
After the normal skin of the face cleared, go to toning. It is very important for the care of normal skin. In this issue you will be ice cubes with essential oils or lotions based on herbs (lavender, rose, chamomile or orange blossom).
Caring for normal skin – hydration and nutrition.
For normal skin as a moisturizing suit daytime or evening cream with a light texture, which form a protective film on the surface, but allow the skin to “breathe”, and also prevent the loss of moisture, make the skin soft and silky.
hat’s all the wisdom that you need to know, taking care of normal skin. Let’s sum up. Morning – surface cleaning (milk, gels or foams), toning and moisturizing. Evening – surface cleaning, plus 1 times a week deep cleansing peelings and scrubs, then toning, nutrition. Also, do not forget about mask for normal skin, also 1-2 times a week.

2 March 2015 Posted in Beauty, Health, Сosmetics