Honey.Useful properties of honey.


Useful properties of honey.
The benefits of honey has no doubt – look than useful honey, what useful properties of honey can be used to maintain health, beauty and weight loss.

The benefits of honey has been known since ancient times. Our ancestors used widely useful properties of honey for the treatment of colds, use honey as a prevention and overall health. At the moment, the use of honey is recognized as the official and folk medicine – we know that such a consensus about the beneficial qualities of honey almost unique among other products.

Useful properties of honey put health at the top of bactericidal, antiviral and antifungal qualities of honey. That’s why for colds so helpful to use honey. Honey is not only struggling with the agents of the disease, it relieves nasal congestion and soothes the respiratory tract, which largely explains the benefits of honey in the treatment of cough. Moreover, honey helps to restore immunity after diseases, and also acts a good preventive “drug”, which increases the body’s resistance to infection.

Thanks to its rich mineral and vitamin content of honey is useful in the treatment of many diseases – digestive system (improves the ability to digest food, reduces the acidity of the stomach, promotes healing of ulcers and gastritis treatment), secretory (improving performance and reducing the ability of the liver and kidneys). The use of honey helps cure anemia, as honey composition contains a sufficient amount of readily assimilable iron (especially buckwheat honey). At home, honey perfectly supports the skin, improving its condition, struggling with various kinds of rashes and sores.

Marked by the use of honey for the tone of the whole organism. A daily intake of 1.5 – 2 hours. L. honey can increase performance, reduce fatigue of the body and prevent the negative effects of stress. A use of 1 hour. L. honey at night, dissolved in a glass of milk or tea, solves the problem of insomnia and anxiety. Just remember to dissolve the honey only in warm (not above body temperature) of the liquid, or the use of honey will be nullified.
In addition to all the above, honey binds free radicals and thus struggling with cancer, premature aging and slagging of the body.
The use of honey for beauty.

Another layer of folk treasures hidden in the ability of honey perfectly take care of our skin, maintaining its beauty and youth. Many cosmetic companies use these useful properties of honey, including in the composition of their cosmetics. The benefits of honey here is huge – it has a moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, smooths wrinkles, nourishes the skin a mass of useful substances. To learn how to make great honey masks, arabio.ru says in a special material, announcement of which you will find below the article.
The use of honey for weight loss.

Not escape his attention useful properties of honey and people who want to lose weight. Due to the ability of honey to accelerate metabolism and cleanse the body of toxins, its use for weight loss has long advocated by many nutritionists. Widely known honey diet, which is one of the most enjoyable and effective among all the many diets. On it you can also get acquainted in a special material “honey for weight loss.”

Honey is not only useful ingestion, based on it, you can do a variety of honey wraps, honey and honey massage bath. These procedures will help you get rid of cellulite, lose those extra inches in the waist and hips. Honey stimulates blood circulation, nourishes the cells with oxygen, increases nutrition of tissues and cleanses pores of impurities and dead cells, which largely improves the metabolic processes in the tissues, so the process of lipolysis will most intensively. Details – in the announcements.

As you can see, the use of honey for the body is wide. Use the beneficial properties of honey, be healthy and beautiful.

25 March 2015 Posted in Food, Health