Beautiful breasts.


Beautiful breasts
Beautiful breasts.

Products for breast augmentation.
What foods to eat for breast augmentation, from which food grows chest – let’s make a detailed list.

So, to the chest grew, was large and firm, we need to add foods that contain the hormone estrogen. It stimulates the growth of “female” breast tissue. Look, in what products it contains the greatest number.

On the content of estrogen soy is one of the most useful products for breast growth. You can verify this by looking at the composition of different kinds of dietary supplements for breast growth – soybeans there in the first place. Plus soy contains proteins that “repair” worn out cells in breast tissue, allowing it to be beautiful and long elastic. Eat it in any form – sprouts, milk, cheese, freeze-dried products.
Avocado – a source of healthy fats. A lot of their body does not need, but they are necessary for a good metabolism. To your breasts grow, eat about 3 avocado a week, every other day, and on other days eat nuts – roughly a large handful to choose from, pistachios, almonds or hazelnuts.
Japanese scientists have found that seaweed Laminaria perfectly normalizes hormonal balance in the female body, contributing not only to the growth of the breast, but also protecting it from breast cancer. In addition, it contains many useful minerals and vitamins. Those who want to enlarge your breasts, it is recommended to eat 100-150 grams of seaweed kelp daily.
Dill, parsley, all kinds of green salads, moreover, that contribute to breast augmentation, well strengthen connective tissue. It is important that the breast is not hung down to her stretch marks from appearing. For breast augmentation and conservation of the appearance of the woman should eat in a day at least 200-300 grams of various greens.

On the shelves of our stores a lot of different fruits, but if you want to enlarge your breasts and keep her beauty, preference should be given apples, and green. Just choose them – just to smell before you buy. Those that have long collected and treated with any chemistry, virtually no smell. Take those whose apple scent is the strongest. Norm – 2 apples a day.

If we consider the seeds, the most interesting from the point of view of the content of estrogen are flax seeds and anise seeds. Both products are sold in pharmacies. They can be added as milled for food, about a teaspoon and make them useful herbal teas and teas. Instructions for use can be found on the packages. Courses – 15 days use, a month do break.


16 March 2015 Posted in Beauty, Health