Medical Benefits of Sensua!

“D-life and Sex – Clear information in how Diabetes can affect all of us in our most intimate moments.”
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Why Sensua!® Since the advent of erectile dysfunction treatments for men, have many women asking, “What about me?”

Until just recently, the medical profession was not aware that over 43% of women in the US between the ages of 18 – 50 (about 68 Million of us) have experienced problems with their decreased ability to enjoy a full and satisfying sex life.
Now that Viagra®, Cialis®, and Levitra® dominate major media, doctors have come to realize that much is still unknown about all the factors involved in our sexual response – much less what was abnormal or considered a “problem”. Learn More about Sexual Function and Testosterone

So what about us ladies and our needs?…

Women are unique, complicated and the ultimate multi-taskers. Life hits us with all sorts of surprises. Not only do we deal with chronic health conditions and intense responsibility for our family, but as we grow older our own physiology changes and can hinder our ability to respond sexually. Used daily, Sensua!® restores our sexual vitality reminding us of our youth. Learn More about how to use and apply Sensua!®

Use this site as a source of information to learn more about your sexual response and what can get in the way of a truly satisfying experience…. The Sensua!® Life Blog

Sensua!® was developed by Ob/Gyn specialists and has undergone thorough testing to ensure our promise to have a positive impact in your physical intimacy. Cleared by the FDA Sensua!® as proven safe and effective to make a difference in your physical sexual response. Learn More about how Sensua!® is FDA Safe and Cleared

The special bioscience formulation in Sensua!® is based on the latest scientific and medical discoveries. Our natural selective blend and application includes L-Arginine and Menthol, which are the patented keys to the effectiveness in Sensua!® and why the FDA cleared it for women to use as a treatment to restore sexual vitality and powerful intimacy.

So don’t delay, bring a whole new intensity to your intimacy today
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27 March 2011 Posted in Health