Yoga. The Simple Meditation. Part 2

This meditation is so simple that there is hardly anything to do. You won’t force out thoughts or sounds. You won’t have to visualize anything particular. You won’t have to chant or repeat a mantra. You simply stay aware of your Inner Vibration. It may take several sittings to clearly recognize that vibration, but recognizing it you will. From then on you simply sit comfortably and allow the vibration to be there. You can have thoughts along with the vibration, but if you find you’re totally absorbed in thoughts, quietly return to an awareness also of your Inner Vibration. That’s all you do for 20 minutes twice a day.

The Inner Vibration can manifest in many ways. Some people feel a pulsation in the body that is not from the heart beat. Others feel body movements, like the head swaying, or the upper torso swaying, or arms or legs gently moving. A few will visualize a pattern of light or colors. The common factor of a rhythm is always there, and the rhythm will be simple and easily hold your attention, even along with other thoughts. Until you feel comfortable with your Inner Vibration, here’s what you do.

After making provisions not to be disturbed, sit comfortably with closed eyes for a minute or so.

STEP TWO: For about ten minutes connect your breathing so there is no space between the "in" and "out" breaths.

STEP THREE: For another ten minutes focus on your heart region and notice a vibration in the form of a pulsation somewhere in your body that is not from the heart beat, a movement of the body, a vision, a sensation, or something you hear. That is your Inner Vibration.

STEP FOUR: Wait another couple of minutes before opening your eyes after moving off the awareness of your Inner Vibration. If you come out too quickly, you may feel rough or irritable.

STEP FIVE: Repeat this meditation every morning and evening, with at least six hours between the two. When you Inner Vibration becomes familiar, you may drop the connected breathing. You’ll find that after settling down your Inner Vibration automatically appears. Then just simply stay aware of it, along with whatever else is going on. Don’t judge the meditation . Some meditations will be serene. Others will be filled with thoughts. Some may bring up deep emotions. Just don’t mind what happens. Do the process and let it unfold in its own way. Gradually, in time, the benefits creep into every facet of your activities. That’s all folks. That is your simple key to a more prosperous, happy, creative, and meaningful life.

Simple Meditation from Babaji Introduced by Roger G. Lanphear.

10 February 2009 Posted in Fitness