What is the Healthy Food

To stay alive our body needs energy, materials to build and regenerate its cells, and last but not the least, the microelements, which are vital for metabolism processes. If we want our body to function normally, we must know how to satisfy its nutritional needs, which have been already well recognized.

The essentials are as follows:

The amount of energy, or the calories, that we consume, must correspond to its actual expenditure. We must maintain our weight close to the ideal.

Our daily food ration must be diverse, not to interrupt the metabolism processes at some stages.

We should take our meals at fixed time evenly distributed during the day.

Our body must be provided with all the vitamins, fat acids and amino acids it needs.

The products we consume should be free form harmful substances, such as nicotine and alcohol, and from undesirable chemicals as far as possible.

To put it briefly, if we want not only to live, but also to ensure the best possible conditions for all systems of our body, we must be careful as to what we eat. Food should improve our looks! And fine appearance is not only the ideal weight. It is also spotless skin, lustrous luxuriant hair, groomed nails and not least liveliness and vigor, which make us attractive.

The possibilities to change our appearance are limited: we can protect our skin and hair to some extent, and improve our face and figure by little tricks. But our skin, hair and nails are nourished by food we consume. No surprise, that the need of some particular substance will first of all affect our skin, nails and hair: their pitiable state testifies our incorrect nutrition. But what is correct nutrition? Those who are too particular about their food will have to solve conundrums every hour: they need calcium against osteoporosis, vitamin E to have healthy skin, vitamin B for nerves, vitamin C to strengthen connective tissues, etc. And correct dosages must be preserved too.

Fortunately, there are some simple rules, following which you can find your way through this multitude of victuals:

Try not to eat such fat products as sausage, meat, cakes, chocolate. Of fats, well-refined vegetable oil will do.

Eat enough vegetables and fruit, still better raw, because raw products contain more vitamins and minerals.

Give preference to bread and pasta made of coarse grind grain, and raw rice.

Drink more (up to 2 liters/day of mineral water).

0.25 1/day of whole milk or diary products is a must for everyone.

Don’t be too keen on animal proteins. Fish, low fat cheese and meat moderately consumed will be sufficient. Too much meat will be an additional load on your kidneys.

Limit your consumption of sugar, white flower, candy, alcohol and sweet beverages: these will give nothing, but excessive calories.

And more: learn to listen to your body and feel what is good for it and what is not. Everyone has his chance in proper selection of food. Use this chance!

10 January 2010 Posted in Food, Headline, Health