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  The Cave Woman Diet.
  Whence the Weight?
  Get Rid of your Tubby
  Slim-down Days.
  Hollywood Star Diets( 1).
  Hollywood Star Diets( 2).
  Hollywood Star Diets( 3).
  Hollywood Star Diets( 4).



Weight Tips.

The Cave Woman Diet

The Cave Woman Diet
  In spite of it's name, this diet does not include being dragged by the hair, hunting with clubs or skinning big game. Though you might feel good enough to do all of those things. What it does include is a return to our evolutionary roots.  

Whence Weight?

Whence the Weight?
  Almost in every instance the cause of excessive weight is obvious: those people are gaining weight, who eat more than their body needs. Some full-figured ladies say: “But I nearly starve myself and still put on weight!” 


Get Rid of your Tubby Tummy!

Our figure is a model by which we can judge the state of hormonal  balance and metabolism in our organism. The chief sculptors of the female body are estrogens and progesterone, which continuously form the seductive feminine outlines: a slender waist and round hips.  Read more...

Hollywood Star Diets Hollywood Star Diets (parts 1 - 4).
Americans with a normal physique simply don’t exist: they are either awfully overweight – those who profess unconditional liberty: “I eat all I want!”– or entirely skeletal – those who live by the maxim: “What I would like to eat is bad for my health”.  Read more...
Slim-down Days Slim-down Days.
Keep such days once or twice a week to get rid of your excessive weight.
During fruit and vegetable day please yourself with beetroot salads with greens and grocery, dressed with vegetable oil, lemon juice or sour milk. Eat from 1.5 to 2 kg of vegetable food and drink 0.5 to 1 liter of freshly squeezed juice.



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