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 Health Without Medicine.
 If You’ve Got Fresh Wound.
Yoga. The Simple Meditation.
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Taj Chi Chuan 

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Magnetic Health Bracelet

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 You can see our offer durable goods for health.  Read more...


Health Without Medicine.

  Health is the topic that people are most worried about. Everybody wants to be healthy, beautiful and wealthy from the very childhood. The questions concerning what to do to achieve this occur to us constantly and are not easy to answer, taking into consideration that the answers to these questions are specific for each person.  Read more...


Taj Chi for a healthy body and spirit  
There are many legends and stories as to how Tai Chi first originated. The proclaimed founder of Tai Chi Chuan, Chang San-Feng (1279-1386), was regarded as a great Master of Shaolin Chuan.  Read  more...

Yoga. Guru

Yoga. The Simple Meditation.

  This meditation is so simple that there is hardly anything to do. You won't force out thoughts or sounds. You won't have to visualize anything particular. You won't have to chant or repeat a mantra. You simply stay aware of your Inner Vibration. It may take several sittings to clearly recognize that vibration, but recognizing it you will. Read more...

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