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  Keep Fit!
  Tests of Your Fitness(1-3).
  Tests of Your Fitness(4).
  Tests of Your Fitness(5-6).
  Hand Exercise Set.
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Fitness Tips.

Tests of Your Fitness

Keep Fit!
It is common knowledge now that physical exercises are a must for everyone.
You need them to look fine and keep fit. Modern life is full of  stresses and environmental risks and fitness becomes modish. But what is fitness? “The ability to meet routine physical demands with enough reserve energy to rise to a sudden challenge”, as one definition puts it.
But before you start you must know what your physical condition is. So, we shall offer you 4 tests which will help you to assess your stamina, muscle, suppleness and agility. Test also stamina in running (Test 5) and the mobility of your shoulder-girdle  (Test 6). Repeat some tests every 5 to 6 weeks taking note of values registered under load. Then you can easily compare the results and respectively adjust your training program.

  Hand Exercise Set   Selecting Your Fitness Programm.
  Before starting exercises, please, read these general guidance tips:
  • Do your exercises calmly and without haste.
  • When working, listen to your body and sensations.
  • Start with warming-up.
  • Watch your breathing and keep it even.
  • Don’t do exercises right after your meal.
  • Finish the training period with stretching out and relaxation exercises.
  • Take contrast douche or soothing bath after the exercises.
    Please, see also "Hand Exercise Set( Warning-up )"


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