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Golden Fleece Knotting Gold Thread

  Decorative Knotting. Golden Fleece.
 Hi! I am Nana. My interests are various. I am keen on theatre, philosophy, religion. I  feeling of freedom, both creative and emotional. Huge energy I am getting from nowhere constantly requires something new, changeable, as the nature itself.  

Rose Hand Embroidery   Hand Embroidery.
 Women become more interested in hand embroidery lately. They not only sew and knit, they knot lace and are passionate about macramé and embroidery. It seems like not so long ago hand cross and plain embroidery made napkins, tablecloths, cushions and pictures –embroidery in frames- were ignored. Some even tried to hide the patterns of such needlework as not fashionable. But today embroidery is coming back again.  Read more...

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