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  What is the Healthy Food.
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Food Tips.

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Food Supplements Help the Regeneration.
  It follows from the regeneration philosophy that if you supply your body with properly selected vegetable products your body will renew itself. This notion was true in ancient China, where it first emerged three or five thousand years ago, and so it is to day.
But what is meant by the regeneration? It is a process of cell renewal, and it makes no difference whether the cell belongs to bones, brain or muscles. San-Su-Mo, a famous Chinese doctor who lived at the time of the T’ang dynasty, thought that proper nutrition is the key to a good health.

Healthy food

What is the Healthy Food.
 To stay alive our body needs energy, materials to build and regenerate its cells, and last but not the least, the microelements, which are vital for metabolism processes. If we want our body to function normally, we must know how to satisfy its nutritional needs, which have been already well recognized.    Read more...

Food as medicine   Food as Medicine.
Right food enables a person to refuse from medicine because it becomes medicine by itself. In many ways the curative action of food is caused by its taste. Since oldest times there are six tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, burning and astringent.
Sweet taste is the strongest as for its curative activity on the organism. It strengthens the body, promotes digestion, cures wounds and helps prolong life. Food with sweet taste is especially useful for children, old people and weak people.    Read more...


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