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Food Tips. Mixture "Ambulance".

Mixture "Ambulance"


Lots of generations have used this kind of mixture. It can take your pain away, and will also cure you…
Mix 1 tablespoon of salt with 1 liter of water. Take 80-100 gr. of 10% ammonia and pour 10 gr. of camphor oil in it. Shake this mass and mix with salty water. After you’ve done that, white flakes are supposed to appear. Close the pot with the lid and shake it till the time flakes disappear. The mixture is ready. You can keep it a year.
What does it cure?

  First of all- headaches. You need to warm this mixture in warm water at first. Moisten your head with it and bound your head with warm scarf.
If you’ve got articulation pain, or you’ve got hard food poisoning, heartache, stomachache etc.-
-(for adults) drink 1 teaspoon of mixture with 150 gr. of cold (boiled) water;
-(for children till 15 years old) as much drops, as there age is.
If you’ve got an earache- moisten a cotton wool in this mixture and put it into your ear. 

Dry fruits against decline of forces
Take dried apricots, figs and prunes without stones 200 gr. each. Cut very carefully this mass (not through mixer). Add than 25 Greece nuts, cut in small pieces with the knife and mix everything.
Keep this medicine in a tightly closed pot in the refrigerator. Take 1 full tablespoon every day (for children- 1 full teaspoon).
You can take a glass of sour milk with this medicine. By the way, if you take it in the morning it can be your breakfast. In the evening this mass can be your dinner.

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