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  Food Supplements Help the Regeneration.
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Food Tips. Food Supplements Help the Regeneration.

NuPlus supplements

   It follows from the regeneration philosophy that if you supply your body with properly selected vegetable products your body will renew itself. This notion was true in ancient China, where it first emerged three or five thousand years ago, and so it is to day.
But what is meant by the regeneration? It is a process of cell renewal, and it makes no difference whether the cell belongs to bones, brain or muscles. San-Su-Mo, a famous Chinese doctor who lived at the time of the Tíang dynasty, thought that proper nutrition is the key to a good health.

 This is what he said: A really good doctor should first find the cause of the ailment, then try to cure it wit the help of a diet, and only if it does not help, to prescribe medicines.
Certainly, the treatment of ailments and diseases is what the doctor has to do, and we are not going to give you here any advice as to methods of treatment. What we want to do is just to remind you that to protect your health is what you yourself must and can do. These days the risks to our health are numerous and they are produced by a great number of different causes acting simultaneously. Itís just the total of these causes that affects our health, not a particular one taken separately. Health depends on your nourishment, environment and our relations with other people.
Our advice would be that your daily diet must include food supplements. There is a multitude of such products on the market today. The beneficial secret, based among others on the old Chinese tradition, is a combination of concentrated herbs, carefully proportioned to implement the formulas of NUTRITION, MAINTENANCE OF BALANCE and CLEANSING. Proper combination of herbs increases their effect and improves the assimilation. The Chinese believe that anything that the plant contains facilitates absorption of nutrients by the body. Supplements are a welcome addition in our meals because they balance the food supply to cells and remove the residues.
On this site youíll find a description of various supplements introduced to the market by different manufacturers. Each of them has been developed with a specific purpose. It is for you to decide which one you need most.
Today we present the supplements manufactured by TANSHI, Dr NONA, SUNRIDER and NEWAYS. Please, look through the selection we have at this AUCTION. Carefully read the explanations, make your choice and KEEP WELL!

  We shall continue.
You are always welcome.

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