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Weight Tips. Hollywood Star Diets (part 1).

Madonna Hollywood Star Diets

Americans with a normal physique simply don’t exist: they are either awfully overweight – those who profess unconditional liberty: “I eat all I want!”– or entirely skeletal – those who live by the maxim: “What I would like to eat is bad for my health”.

  The first feed on hamburgers, ice cream and potato fries, and the other on raw cabbage, diet cocktails and germinative grain (10 grains per day). The rest of Americans – an extremely slim minority! – those who manage to maintain a normal human shape (rounded but with no excessive fat) – will be immediately qualified for Hollywood.
And having reached Hollywood they begin to torment themselves with most excruciating diets – the Americans are like that. The Italians take it easier. Look at Gina Lollobrigida, who at her 75 succeeded to retain quite a girlish figure, and she eats whatever she pleases. True, after several days of gastronomic excesses she goes to her self-invented diet and looses two kilograms in three days. Her lunch consists of several slices of cheese, two glasses of orange juice and a piece of grilled lean meat. For supper she would have one glass of water with lemon.
  Jennifer Lopez has two breakfasts: at the first one she takes half of a small melon with cottage or milk oat porridge, and at the second yogurt, milk cocktail or muesli. For lunch she can afford turkey, shrimp salad, rump steak, oysters or Latin American cheese pancakes with salad. Her supper is even more attractive: seafoods with rice and salad, or roast beef with mushrooms and stewed broccoli, or lobster and oysters. She takes also an afternoon's luncheon: milk cocktail, yogurt or an apple.
  Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman recommend to all those who want to lose weight “natural cocktails”. Merge in a mixer bananas, ginseng, shoots of sugar cane, sesame and cocoa oil. That will be your basic and, sad as it may sound, the only food. When you get sick and tired of this exotic mass you can rub its remains into your hair – it will make it soft and shiny.
  Kate Winslet never was too slender, and, when interviewed, self-critically compared her bottom to a barn. For one period (just before shooting of a film on Marquis de Sade) she put herself to a real torture with Brussels sprout. She heroically ate only this vegetable, which was anything but pleasant to her, and took it to all banquets and parties where ordered it to be cooked without salt for five minutes. It must be most annoying that even that did not spare her Oscar winning figure from fatting when she bore her first baby. She attained her present slender silhouette owing to a now popular method of Elisabeth Gibod from the London Clinic of Hail. This naturopath’s sliming-down programs for his patients are based on careful study of their faces. Wrinkles, spots, pimples and the color of skin tell her all she needs to know about the disorders of the patient’s body.
  Winslet had first to undergo a severe two-week detoxication course, when she was allowed only raw vegetables, 1½ liter of water and two cups of herbal tea per day. Then the regime was greatly relaxed, and Kate even refused to call it a diet, because she was allowed to eat potatoes and butter, with only sweet, starchy and fat diary products proscribed. For three months of sticking to this diet she lost 28 kg.

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