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Weight Tips. Hollywood Star Diets (part 2).

Julia Roberts Hollywood Star Diets

Isn’t that fun that with all the millions they earn Hollywood stars could indulge in any gastronomic whims, but what they eat is real rubbish – and that’s why they are so splendid-looking!
A so-called “zonal diet” has been very popular in Hollywood for some years. Madonna, Alicia Silverstone, Cindy Crawford and Christian Slater successfully followed it.

  At first glance the rule seems to be very simple: each dish should contain 40% of carbohydrates and 30% of proteins and fats. But it is rather difficult to follow, and the enthusiasts of this diet have to rely on meals-on-wheels and such like services offered by special catering centers.
Cher and Jennifer Love Hewitt stuck to a much more simple system of nutritionist Iolanda Bergman that allows to get rid of 5 kg in 1½ months.
  To do this one has to sacrifice walnuts entirely, sunflower seeds, butter, chocolate, avocado, mayonnaise, margarine and diary products containing more that 1% of fat. It is allowed to consume during one day up to 25 g of fats, and one can eat meat only two times a week. You can gorge fruit and vegetables to your heart’s content, and not less than 5 times a day.
  Geri Halliwell was for a long time a great enthusiast of Atkins’ diet, which allowed to consume only low-fat protein products (such as skinned chicken breasts, eggs, sea fish) reducing the consumption of carbohydrates to 40 g per day (an equivalent of a small banana).
  Doctors warn, though, that such menu could be fatal as it brings about irreversible biochemical changes in the body. Now the thinnest of the Spice Girls switched to a more rational and balanced died, though she is still very attentive to the calories.

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