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Weight Tips. Get Rid of your Tubby Tummy!


Our figure is a model by which we can judge the state of hormonal  balance and metabolism in our organism. The chief sculptors of the female body are estrogens and progesterone, which continuously form the seductive feminine outlines: a slender waist and round hips. The fact that sex hormones are deficient is disclosed long before the climax symptoms arrive by clothes becoming too tight in waist. So, where your want your waist to be styled?

  Important is not only weight gaining of itself, but the areas of fat accumulation. When excessive fat is accumulated largely on the tummy (this type of obesity is called abdominal, or visceral), the risks of  diabetes, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases are increased. The conclusion is evident: do away with your fat ballast as soon as you can!
  Yet, it is easier said than done. Although excessive weight predisposes to age-related ailments, it is helpful in relieving climacteric symptoms. It has been established that for Rubens type women the hormonal change is a much easier process. It turned out that fatty tissues accumulate the excess of estrogens, and when the ovaries slow down their generation the old stocks come to rescue. The elated sense of rejuvenation and relief in the body when excessive kilograms have  been thrown away is explained not only by the loss of weight but also by release of estrogens from the fat-storage depot. It is advisable to get rid of excessive weight in good time, while the ovaries still function properly, and never try to achieve the ideal shape of top models.
  Only one in 40 000 women fits the super-shape standard, and there is nothing to be done about it: you cannot outwit the laws of genetics. With the models the menopause arrives earlier, and the time of their flourish is brief. (Incidentally, some doctors think that early termination of the menstrual function is also typical of the vegetarians). Scientists have calculated the ideal amount of fat which will add to the lady’s charms and will be a guarantor of her health when the time of “life change” comes. This is about 12% of her body weight, which usually corresponds to a normal index of body mass (IBM) between 20 and 24. Found out that your IBM number is greater, and you are over 30? High time to do something about your figure.
  When women lose weight before the menopause the skin naturally shrinks due to the capacity of estrogens to keep it elastic, but with those who have abruptly lost their weight after the menopause it often droops in unseemly folds in their face, neck and belly. The conclusion is simple: everything should be done at a proper time.

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