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Weight Tips. Hollywood Star Diets (part 4).

Nikole Kidman Hollywood Star Diets

 1.All whole grain products.
 2. Any vegetables and edible roots Ė liberally.
 3. Pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds, but only as a little something.
 4. Apples and pears.
 5. Fish or chicken 1 time a day.
 6. Walnuts.

Donít eat:
 1. Grapes, mango, bananas.
 2. Meat.
 3. Coffee.
 4. Gas beverages, even diet ones.
 5. Sugar.

Oat muesli with seeds, raisins and low fat milk. Two rye crisp breads with butter and honey.
 Second breakfast
Carrot and a stalk of celery.
Choice 1: A plate of vegetable soup, whole grain scone, an apple.
Choice 2: Winter salad: red or white slaw, one table spoon of canned runner beans and sweet corn, pestled walnut and black raisins; one grated beet and carrot, half grated apple mixed with juice of half lemon. Mix and dress with soy mayonnaise. Eat with whole grain bread.

 Afternoon's luncheon (optional)
A cup of any bagged vegetarian soup.

 1st day: cod fillet stewed in milk with parsley. 2 or 3 any edible roots. Baked apple.
 2nd day: Roasted skinned chicken breast. 2 or 3 edible roots. A piece of cheese, an apple.
 3rd day: 2 tablespoons of canned tuna with one jacket potato or rice. Salad of an apple, raisins and six almond nuts.
 4th day: Roasted pieces of chicken meat with vegetables and cashew. Chicken can be optionally substituted with rice. One baked apple.
 5th day: Salmon fillet fried in oven with three edible roots of any kind.
 6th day: Vegetable ragout of fried sweet pepper, carrot, broccoli, shell beans and cedar nuts. Dress with soy sauce
 On the 7th day choose any of the above options, and with the 8th day start anew.

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