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Weight Tips. Hollywood Star Diets (part 3).

Elizabet Hurley Hollywood Star Diets

    Looking at the dollish figure of Elizabeth Hurley one may think that her fineness was a gift of nature. Nothing of the sort! On one occasion she confessed that her only unfulfilled desire was to have quick metabolism, when one can eat anything he wants without gaining weight. She tried all the above slimming-down systems, and for some period in her life went to restaurants with knives and forks from a toy dinner set – in order to eat less. Now Hurley follows Anna Sverinskaya’s method, avoiding diary products, wheat flour and caffeine.

  But when she needed to loose weight quickly she cut her daily calories to sadistic 900 and ate only soup of her own invention: two potatoes and a small onion cooked in 1½ liter of thin chicken bouillon with salt and pepper added. Three minutes before it was cooked she put in the pot three large bunches of cress without stems. This mess was all she ate in a day of dietetic existence.
  Catherine Zeta-Jones also had to resort to starvation diet when she bore her son and her weight increased to 80 kg. The current menu of the actress could bewilder experts on slenderizing methods. To eat as she does and not to put up weight is something fantastic. See it by yourself: ham and eggs or frankfurters for breakfast; hamburgers with cheese and salad, roasted chicken legs or turkey breasts for lunch; and lobster tails, beefsteaks or stewed mutton with vegetables for supper. There is one small secret to that, though: Catherine never eats any carbohydrate containing dishes after 5 o’clock, and says that this small sacrifice makes all the difference.
  Madonna could concede one thousand points to any yogh. Sure, she has her own soft spots too (such as lollies, raw tuna with a thick layer of caviar or green-tea ice cream), but her “No!” is adamant. Now this “No!” is addressed to meat, milk, sugar, black tea and soda water: such are the commandments of the macrobiotic diet to which Madonna pushed her young husband Guy Ritchie as well.
  But Guy Ritchie would not keep on coarse bread, gruels, whole rice, fruit and vegetables, soy, lentil, nuts and fish alone, and cached away chips, choc-bars and other caloric toothsome pieces in secret recesses of their colossal villa. When exposed, he got a hefty pounding from his wife with a warning of divorce.
Naturally, Madonna has her own nutritionist to draw suitable menus for all occasions. So, during her last tremendously exhaustive world tour the singer decided to give up some of her rigorous macrobiotic postulates and took to a sparing diet, a detailed description of which will be the dessert that we offer to you. If you stick to it, you can lose 5 kg in four weeks.


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